Siemens NX Continuous Release – What’s Next, NX 1847 or NX 13 ?

With all major releases from NX1 to NX12 (Present), Siemens has announced this year (2018) that there will be “Continuous Release” from upcoming major NX release in January 2019.

They made this public announcement in April’18. NX will be the first vendor among it’s CAD/CAM/CAE category to deliver the product using ‘Continuous Release’ methodology. Announcement: NX Continuous Release.

There is also “Frequently Asked Questions” published on their  community website to answer most of the questions about what is continuous release, how customer will get benefit based on this continuous release strategy. NX Continuous Release F.A.Q.

According to the information mentioned on their community website, there will be “Functional Updates, Enhancements” approximately every 6 months and also monthly updates.

There will be provision of installation packages like before for offline installation along with choice to update NX automatically so that automatic updates can be turned on or off through some settings. There will also some notification mechanism so it will be possible to know the available updates with option or provision to download and install it.

Name Game, “NX 1847 / NX 13” ?

With the current production release in the market as “NX 12” with maintenance releases NX 12.01 and NX 12.0.2 , they made it clear last year (November 2017) even before the continuous release announcement that next major release (after NX 12) will not be NX 13. 
Announcement: Next Major Release of NX Will Not Be 13

There is speculation going on that next CR (continuous release) will have name as “NX 1847”.

Why 1847?
Siemens was founded in the year “1847“. You can find some interesting discussion and comments about it in the above major release name article.

We all know that major release or version number is shown in the title bar of NX window.

There is an article published recently (A New NX Approaches) which includes a video. In this video they have shown next NX release view which clearly shows “Siemens NX” in the title bar of NX window. Also, we can see the new look of the icons when we compare it to NX12. 

Today we identify major release as NX 12 with further details like maintenance release, maintenance pack etc. as NX 12.0.2 MP01. With continuous release it will be just “Siemens NX or NX” only and whatever number will be there like “1847 in January 2019″ and “1872 in mid 2019″, they will be just release indicators to be used for communication and for IR/PR/ER purpose. Eventually, may be for other things over time.

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