Siemens NX – Repeat Command List Enhancements

Introduced in NX 8, ‘Repeat Command’ can be used to reopen the recently used commands.

Only last ten commands that were used will appear in the list of repeat command. The most recent command will appear on the top the of list.

You can access this repeat command list by following way

  1. Select the ‘Repeat Command Drop-down’ from quick access of the title bar of NX window.
  2. In the GUI, click right mouse button (RMB) > Repeat Command.
  3. Menu > Tools > Repeat Command.

Example of NX 10 is shown in the following image.

Notice ‘F4’ in front of the last command. From keyboard, you can use ‘F4’ as a shortcut to invoke the last used command used the by user, provided there should be repeat command list/history exists.

This repeat command history gets lost if you close the part, switch the application or enter/exit the any task environment (example: sketch task environment).

From NX 11, this repeat command list will be maintained with respect to the application and the task environment in the current NX session. The repeat command list will display only those commands that belongs to the respective application.

For example, if you perform some command operations in modeling and drafting application, then modeling application will show only those relevant commands that were used in modeling application. If you switch to drafting application, this list will show commands only that were being used in the drafting application.

You can add commands that appear in the repeat command list to the border bar as icons. As different commands are invoked, those icons will update automatically.

If you want that 5 commands should appear in the border bar, then perform the 6 command operations. To achieve this, perform the following steps.

  1. Go to, Menu > Tools > Customize or ‘Ctrl+1’
  2. Under Commands tab, go to, Menu > Tools > Repeat Command
  3. Drag and drop the commands that appear under the Items list to the border bar
  4. Close the ‘Customize’ dialog. Perform some command operations, you will see that the command icons changes that are added to the border.

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